icon-title Third Degree Heart Block

Third degree heart block: Complete heart block condition where there is a complete dissociation between atrial and ventricular systoles. Ventricles may be beating at a rate of 30-40bpm while the atria are beating the normal rate of 70bpm.

Complete heart block is generally the most important and clinically significant heart block due to its need to eventually be paced or immediately be paced depending on the patients stability. It is the block most likely to cause cardiovascular collapse as well.


1. IV therapy
2. Pacer pads placed on patient
3. Pacer ready to use.
4. Atropine for heart rate below 60- or doctor’s orders
5. Dopamine and Epinephrine drips as ordered.

NOTE: Every third degree heart block tends to show differently on the ECG. Also, if the patient is asystomatic in 3rd degree heart block they will become systematic in a matter of a short time.