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New Mexico Courses by ACLS National

ACLS National is an online provider of medical and healthcare professional certification courses. Our service is designed to be easy to use from any home or work computer. You can sign up today to a course and work through the material on your own schedule, at your own pace. Simply review the provider manual and pass the certification assessment exam. We’ll ship your provider cards through the mail (and they should arrive in 2-3 days). It’s that easy. All courses are accepted nationally, and based on the most current American Heart Association guidelines.


ACLS Manual Excerpt

“OPAs are used only when the victim is unconscious. OPA’s are used to prevent the victim’s tongue from falling into the back of the victim’s throat and occluding the airway. The J shape device holds the tongue up and out of the airway.”

Sample ACLS Exam Question

When measuring QRS intervals on stable tachycardic patients with pulse, what is the QRS interval that determines when to consider vagal maneuvers?

a. < 0.21
b. > 0.18
c. < 0.12
d. < 0.06

New Mexico CPR Course Excerpt

“Assess the Victim: Shake the victim by the shoulder and shout his/her name if known, or simply ask in a loud voice if the victim can hear you. Once responsiveness has been assessed, look at the victim’s chest to check for breathing …”

Courses Offered

• New Mexico BLS
• New Mexico CPR
• New Mexico ACLS

All courses were written for medical professionals, they are learning-friendly and have a colorful pleasing design that makes studying enjoyable. Sing up today and see for yourself!