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Utah Certification Services by ACLS National


Skilled Experience in Every Course

Each course is based on the American Heart Association guidelines and written by our professional team of medical writers and ACLS Instructors. Our courses follow the principles of education recommended by the National Association of EMS Educators (NAEMSE) for didactic learning. The combination of over 40 years’ experience using and teaching the steps and algorithms within our courses combined with our easy to use online platform create an enjoyable and efficient learning experience. Each course contains colorful charts, diagrams and images that make reviewing the material a satisfying experience.

ACLS National List of Certification Courses Offered to Medical Employees

• Utah ACLS
• Utah BLS
• Utah CPR

Sample from UT ACLS Manual

“Adenosine – 6mg, 12mg, 12mg

Indications: Given by rapid IV push over 1-3 SECONDS followed by a NS bolus of 20 ml then elevate the extremity. Initial bolus is 6mg, then 12mg can be given in 1-2 minutes and another 12mg bolus if needed-up to total 3 doses …”

Sample from UT BLS Manual

“Although the risk of infection remains exceptionally low, OSHA requires that healthcare workers use standard precautions in the workplace, which includes while performing CPR. Use a barrier device with a 1 way valve when deliver mouth-to-mask breaths. Face masks and other barrier devices typically have a way 1 valve that diverts the victim’s exhalations as well as any fluids away from the healthcare provider …”

Each course was specifically designed for the medical professional, and are based on AHA guidelines and ECC/ILCOR recommendations.