First Download the Extension

Then Second Step will be installing it - If you don't know how to install a Joomla Module then can check the below link :)

Third Step will be setting the module correctly :)

Click New

A Popup will be open like below

Click On Twitter Follower Slider Link

Now Last Step will be Setting Up the module

Create an absolute position on your template. Mostly template have absolute module position like absolute or debug . Check Module Positions and make sure template have absolute position any or not. 

 Next - > options -

1. Module Class Suffix - Put if you have any or left it blank

2. Load jQuery : If you have jQuery Loaded on template already then can choose No otherwise keep the default value yes :)

3. Twitter Username : Put your twitter username in this field.

4. Widget Theme : Choose your prefer widget Theme :)

That's all - Click Save & Close or Save and you're done :)