How Our Course Works

Online Training

Computer Training Makes Scheduling Easy

Save the headache and skip the searching, scheduling, and re-shuffling of your already full calendar. At ACLS National your personal workroom is always available. Use it on command. You can work through the certification course a little at a time or dive right in and complete it in one sitting. We know you have a full calendar balancing long hours of work and family responsibilities. Our online certification training will make at least one part of your professional life much, much easier.

Better Test Preparation: Tips, Alerts and Special Scenarios Included

All of our courses were written by medical professionals for medical professionals. They’re easy to follow and educational. Our courses are full of colorful diagrams, charts, mneumonics, special alerts, test tips and advice from our instructors. Learning and studying the online material is easy and fun. Take advantage of the online flexibility and create your own course plan. Start with the review sections, spend more time on the complicated cases, or dive right into a test.

Instant Results & Certification Card

Another benefit of using our online certification course is the speed of results. Your exam will be processed in seconds; you won’t have to wait days for results. Complete the exam and you will be able to download a PDF of your certification card on the spot. The PDF card is an exact copy of the professional card. Save it to your computer for your professional records, print it, or email it to the credentialing department for fast proof of certification.