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Receive Certification Card in the Mail
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Unlimited Retakes
Save Progress so You Can Stop and Continue at a Later Time
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100% Online PALS Certification is Easy and Fast. Earn your PALS certification card with our 100% online PALS provider course, which includes an online PALS study guide that will give you all of the knowledge needed to pass the PALS exam. No need to work and pass in a classroom or show up on location for a clinical skills check.

PALS Certified Professionals Wrote and Reviewed Our PALS Course. We offer an accurate, properly set up and run online PALS course that implements a PALS provider manual created by professionals in the medical field. You can fast track your learning curve and finish the manual at your own pace, then take the test at any time of the day or night for a fast result.

Study for the PALS Exam on Your Own Schedule. Studying for your PALS exam online prepares you to answer the 50 questions which comprehensively span all 12 core cases covered in the AHA PALS provider manual. The PALS exam in our course has no set time limit, and can be taken at your convenience. It can even be printed out, your answers handwritten in, and then the answers input into the online system later.

Our PALS Exam has Unlimited Retakes. If you don’t score 80% or more and achieve a passing grade on your PALS exam the first time, you can immediately get your grade and note the wrong answers. This makes it easy for you to revisit those sections in the study guide and retake the exam. You can repeat the process as many times as necessary without an additional charge.

Printable Emailed PDF Card Available Immediately. A printable PDF card will be emailed directly to you 24/7 as soon as you pass your final PALS exam. We’ll also mail out your hard copy PALS card free of charges, and it should arrive in just 7-10 business days.

Secure Payment and Customer Information. We provide several payment options for you to choose from, and you can also be assured that your information is fully protected with SSL digital security.

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Jamie C.

Oak Ridge, TN

Easy but thorough. Excellent study guides and videos. On-line staff responsive and quick to reply to email inquiries.

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Julie D.

Aprn (PHP) Ct

Easy to use system the video modules are really informative and it's more convenient than taking time off work to do a traditional coarse at a facility/institution.

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Ladan B.

Nurse practitioner

Easy but thorough. Excellent study guides and videos. On-line staff responsive and quick to reply to email inquiries.