Why Choose Us

Benefits of Using ACLS National

Why choose ACLS National by American Medical Learning Center? Our service is different than our competitors because we take steps to provide a superior education for a lower price. We start by working with experienced educators and instructors who know exactly how to prepare and teach medical students and professionals. We continue our philosophy of excellence by designing our courses to meet or exceed the tenants and guidelines of the most respected and advanced national medical education organizations like the American Heart Association and U.S. Distance Learning Association. And we always keep our customer in mind. The layout and writing of our online training center manuals are designed to keep the course student engaged and attentive. Each chapter contains real world tips so that the the classroom teachings can be applied to practical settings that commonly occur in the medical professional field. Finally, each section also includes test tips and test alerts highlighting the most important course concepts and items likely to appear on the certification exam.

Not only do we provide all of these differences in our courses, we provide it for significantly less than the competition. See for yourself! You can easily save $50 to $75 by using ACLS National instead of our competitors (our competitors charge students more solely to support their expensive advertising budgets). Even more advantages of ACLS National include:

Quality of Education

  • Created by members of the U.S. Distance Learning Association, the oldest and most respected institution for online training and education.
  • Member of the American Heart Association and American Scientific Council (AHA/ASC)
  • Based on NAEMSE (National Assocation of EMS Educators) Foundation of Education Guidelines
  • ECC/ILCOR Guidelines for CPR

Course Instruction

  • Over 36 years of ACLS & BLS experience are incorporated into our instructor driven course content
  • Test tips alert you of material represented on the certification exam
  • Instructor tips apply real world scenarios to educational content
  • Tables, charts and diagrams present information in easy to understand formats

Easy and Convenient

  • 100% online – no skills check required
  • Access your online course from any computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Download PDF provider cards immediately after exam
  • Instant and 100% private test results

Price Comparison of ACLS National Certification Courses

There’s a reason ACLS National is able to keep prices low. We believe in growth through satisfied customers, not expensive ad campaigns. See for yourself. Do a search for “acls recertification” … it’s no coincidence the companies paying to be at the top of Google’s search results charge up to $340 for their courses!

Company ACLS Certification ACLS Recertification ACLS & BLS Certification ACLS & BLS Recertification
ACLS National $225 $150 $300 $205
Competitor 1 $275 $175 $340 $240
Competitor 2 $275 $175 $324 $216