PALS Recertification


Access Anytime, Anywhere
Instant Feedback
Instant Proof of Certification
Receive Certification Card in the Mail
ACLS PDF Provider Handbook Included
Unlimited Retakes
Save Progress so You Can Stop and Continue at a Later Time
Available on Mobile/Tablet Platforms

Earn Your PALS Provider Card Quickly and Easily Online. We offer you a fast, easy 100% online PALS recertification course for quick exam results and verification. A PALS certification or recertification is becoming a common requirement for many health professionals, but having to take time off to travel to a testing site can be a problem. With our online Pals recertification course, you can study and take your exam anywhere, anytime.

Access Available 24/7 to Refresher Course and Exams. You can refresh your PALS knowledge via our online PALS provider manual, and take unlimited, unique pretests to prepare for the PALS final exam. The final has no time limit, so you can finish the exam at your own pace. You can even print it out, fill it in at your leisure, and input the answers when you get back in front of a computer.

PALS Certified Medical Experts Prepared Our Course. Our PALS certification renewal course was developed by licensed medical professionals. Since our course is reviewed and approved by certified professionals, we can vouch for its accuracy and quality. The online PALS course we offer is comprehensive, covering every topic that would be expected in a classroom based PALS course, while remaining less costly and more convenient.

Everything you Need to Succeed is Included. This PALS recertification exam usually takes only 1-2 hours to study for and complete, and it can be taken using any type of connected device (PC, tablet, or Smartphone.) You can study anywhere, and at your own convenience, and take the exam as many times as you need to pass. There not even an on-site clinical skills check to attend.

Your PALS Card is Delivered Instantly. We will immediately shoot you an email with your printable PALS card as soon as you pass the PALS exam. We will also send a PALS card in the mail with free shipping as a courtesy to you. The combination of 24/7 access, online study materials, and fast, easy testing makes our program the quickest way for you to obtain your PALS recertification proof.

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Jamie C.

Oak Ridge, TN

Easy but thorough. Excellent study guides and videos. On-line staff responsive and quick to reply to email inquiries.

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Julie D.

Aprn (PHP) Ct

Easy to use system the video modules are really informative and it's more convenient than taking time off work to do a traditional coarse at a facility/institution.

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Ladan B.

Nurse practitioner

Easy but thorough. Excellent study guides and videos. On-line staff responsive and quick to reply to email inquiries.